Raise – In The Money ($RITM) is a brand new DeFi project created to be a complement to its sister token, In The Money ($ITM). We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, and engaging the community. We are launching with a 15% tax on transactions. 3% of which will be distributed to all $RITM token holders. 12% of the tax will be converted to BNB, 8% of that will go toward the buy-back process, where the contract buys back $RITM whenever a sell happens and then burns those tokens. 4% of that 12% will be injected directly into the $ITM staking contract, where $ITM stakers will receive those rewards. 10% of the BNB rewards sent to the staking contract goes towards marketing efforts.  As part of the buy-back function we have the ability to turn up the buyback amount and really push the token price to new heights.

We are continually growing as an ecosystem and community and want to use our communities voice to keep our project unique and to refine our ecosystem.

Raise – In The Money ($RITM). Buy $RITM earn 3% reflect by just holding and enjoy the ride. Its that simple. 15% tax – 3% reflect rewards for holders, 4% of that tax converted to BNB and is injected into the $ITM staking pool, 8% of that tax converted to BNB for liquidity and buy-back bot. 10% of the BNB staking rewards go towards marketing campaigns.

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Token Features


3% of RAISE transactions will be distributed amongst holders.



8% of tax will go towards buy-back process.


Max Supply

$RITM has a max supply of 500,000,000,000,000. This value cannot be exceeded or minted.



Our team prides ourselves on being transparent, honest, and engaged with our community.


Community Driven

ITM and Raise are both Community driven, your ideas are put into action!


RAISE ITM- Supply 500 trillion, with a continous burn due to buy-back process.
15% tax Breakdown
12% of tax will be converted to BNB, 8% of that 12% to buy-back process, 4% to ITM staking pool
3% of tax will be reflected amongst Raise holders

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